On Turning 6

28 03 2014


Jason (kindergarten photo)

To my favorite littlest boy,

I don’t know where to begin with you. There are times when I look at you and see myself–your stubbornness, your headstrong nature and your fierce loyalty, your creative imagination and love of reading and learning. Then there are times when I look at you and wonder how you are my child, especially with such astute observations such as, “My poop smells like ham.”

However I look at you, I see the sparkle in your eyes and goofy smile on your face, and you bring me such joy and peace (except when you are fighting with your brother.)

I am awed by your unwavering faith in God, knowing that He is good and loves you always. For one so young, that, too, brings me such joy and peace.

So what do I remember from your fifth year of life?
•You learned to read, and you love it!
•You sing All. The. Time. Seriously. Your favorite time to sing or hum is during meals. Of course, this makes a meal last for a couple of hours with you, but I love that you love music.
•You are quite the negotiator, especially when it comes to getting snacks, treats, and desserts.
•Every rock is a precious stone, and every stick is a light saber, sword, or gun.
•”Will you sing and pray and rub my back?” Every. Night.
•You can’t imagine a day when you don’t want me to snuggle with you at bedtime. I assure that day will come, but I’m selfishly glad that day is not here yet.

To my Lego lover, Star Wars padawan, pancake maniac, booty dancer, giggly joke teller, excited reader, burgeoning erudite, midnight snuggler, and master compromiser, I pray that you will always love God with a steadfast faith. I pray you will always love reading and learning and exploring. I pray you will always be allowed to let your imagination soar and your creativity run wild. I pray you will always want to sing. Always.

I love you with every fiber of my being.




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