On Turning 11

28 11 2013

Dearest Caleb,

Eleven years ago at this time, also on Thanksgiving Day, I was in the hospital waiting for you arrive. Daddy first watched the Macy’s Day Parade followed by the Westminster Dog Show. I was worrying about the turkey we had to leave in the oven half-baked because I didn’t want to leave it on while we were gone, and Maga and Papa hadn’t arrived in town yet. You are the best Thanksgiving Day present EVER!

I can’t believe how you are growing! Taller. Wiser. Smarter. Funnier. You make me smile every day. This past year has been marked by some fantastic moments.
•Singing Weird Al Yankovic for the fourth grade talent show.
•Earning the family a free pizza at Papa Murphy’s on April 1 by jumping up and down so the clerk could hear the water sloshing in your stomach.
•Singing the Beatles during Grandparents Day.
•Achieving Annual Heads List (and all the free Krispy Kreme donuts you earned as a result of all those As.)
•Attending your first rock concert . . . Weird Al, of course.
•Starting middle school

My prayers for you in the coming year are many.
•I pray your wife will love you well. It may seem odd for me to pray this now considering marriage is over a decade away for you. But this woman will someday be the most important person in your life. She will have more power over you than anyone else. I pray she blesses you abundantly and doesn’t curse you. I pray her love for you is only second to her love for the Lord. It’s never too early for a mama to pray this for her son.
•I pray you will always hear God’s voice when you call to Him. I know how deeply you desire to feel His presence in you . . . Jesus Christ in YOU, the hope of glory! May He show up in your dreams. May He be ever present in your thoughts. May He shine forth in your speech and actions. May you always feel His arms wrapped around your heart.
•I pray you will cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. I know I’m responsible for a lot of your struggles with this. I pray you and I can work together to see the good in everything, rather than the frustrations and irritations and to turn those frustrations and irritations into opportunities to show grace and mercy and forgiveness.
•I pray you will always love learning and reading and being creative and music. Whether it’s through making comics or building a working Lego flashlight from scratch or creating a new world in Minecraft with a luxury hotel and water park, your mind is one of your biggest assets in life. Keep it active. Challenge it. Treat it well.
•I pray you will continue to mature in financial wisdom. Earning money is only half of the equation. You have a pretty good grasp of spending, saving, and investing for an 11-year-old, but money matters will be a part of your life forever. Learning positive financial management practices now will serve you well in the future.

Lastly, I pray you will never be too big or feel too embarrassed to give your mommy a hug every day and to let me hug you back and pray with you before you head off to class. You are my first-born, my miracle baby, and one of my greatest blessings. I am so proud to watch you grow and to call you my son. I love you more than you will ever know.






3 responses

30 11 2013

So sweet! Also- does the free Krispy Kreme apply to high school students as well?!

1 12 2013

I like the donuts idea as well, I think we need some for our class of two one day! haha

I also like how you are already praying for his marriage. I think it’s kind of funny but at the same time it’s so sweet and very true!

1 12 2013

Oh! and Happy Birthday Caleb!!

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