India Itinerary

5 06 2013

When Matthew and I married, we made it a goal to travel internationally once each year, and for 15 years, we’ve been blessed to be able to do this. We’ve been all over Europe, Central and South America, China, New Zealand, and Australia. And now on our 15th anniversary, we embark on possibly our most adventurous trip to date . . . India!

We’ve been planning this trip for several years, saving money and our frequent flyer miles. Thanks to those miles, we got business class seats for free. (Delayed gratification has many benefits!)

When we tell people we’re heading to India, the first question is usually, “Is it a mission trip?” Well, yes. And no. The first half is mission-ish, the second half is purely site seeing, but I certainly pray we will be a blessing to people we come into contact with throughout.



June 5: Begin our flights to Chennai

June 6: Layover in Abu Dhabi, probably the coolest place we’ve ever had a layover

June 7: Arrive in Chennai, travel from Chennai to Naidupet and visit with Vinay and Suneetha K. Vinay is a local pastor we have been supporting for several years. We first met him in 2008 when he came to the States for a world-wide Christian convention. He is going to be our guide for the first half our trip.

June 8: Naidupet, visit with Vinay and Suneetha and tour their area

June 9: Worship with Vinay and Suneetha at the church Vinay pastors

June 10: Travel from Naidupet to Ongole for visit with Singothu in Bapatla (sponsored Compassion child)

June 11: Compassion Visit with Singothu in Bapatla

One of our goals is to visit all the children we sponsor through Compassion International. We’ve visited three so far (Peru, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua) and will be visiting two more on this trip. That leaves us four more in the coming years.

We can’t really call Singothu a child since he’s near 20. We’ve been sponsoring him for 13 years, and he’s getting ready to graduate from the program.

June 12: Travel by train from Ongole back to Naidupet

June 13: Travel by car from Naidupet to Chennai; Train from Chennai to Bangalore

June 14: Compassion Visit with Irene D. (sponsored child) in Bangalore; Speak with staff and students at the Compassion International Leadership Development Program

Irene is in the Leadership Development Program (LDP), meaning she has graduated from the regular sponsorship program and is now attending university. This is a completely different program from the regular Compassion sponsorship program. Monthly sponsorship is $300 since we are basically paying for Irene to attend college. She attends Anna University in Chennai which is where we were expecting to visit with her, but she is at a special LDP camp that week which she cannot leave. We weren’t originally anticipating visiting Bangalore, but now we are. Since we’re heading to this camp to visit Irene, the Compassion staff has asked us to speak to the rest of the students and staff while we’re there. I’m really excited about this opportunity to speak to future Christian leaders in India. What we’re going to say, I have no idea.

June 15: Train from Bangalore to Chennai

June 16: Fly from Chennai to New Delhi.

There is a Catholic cathedral about 1 mile from our hotel in Chennai, St. George’s Cathedral. I hope we can attend mass there before leaving Chennai.

June 17: New Delhi; we have a day on our own before our guided tour starts tomorrow

June 18: Fly from Delhi to Varanasi (Varanasi is the heart of the Hindu culture—should be interesting.)

June 19: Travel from Varanasi to Khajuraho (Khajuraho is known for its erotic stone carvings in caves and on cliffs—should also be interesting.)

June 20: Travel from Khajuraho to Jhansi

June 21: Train ride to Agra and visit Taj Mahal’s Moonlight Garden at sunset

June 22: Tour Taj Mahal at sunrise; Travel to Jaipur, the “Pink City”

June 23: Tour Jaipur

June 24: Travel from Jaipur to Delhi; Tour Delhi

June 25: Tour Delhi

June 26: Fly home, layover in Amman

We covet your prayers for safe travels, good health, and that we would be a blessing to everyone we meet.




2 responses

5 06 2013

Wow,wow, wow – what a fantastic thing for you to do – enjoy and be safe.

5 06 2013

Thank you!

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