Parents are the Most Important Teachers

1 05 2013

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Knutson,

You are to be congratulated! On the first day of class, I asked my students to name a hero or heroine. Kelly filled in your names on the index card I provided. How thrilled I would be if a son or daughter did this.

She wrote, “Together my parents taught me to be responsible, to be a hard worker, and to have integrity. As a teacher now, I see the incredible influence parents have on their children. I appreciate even more all they’ve done to be a positive influence on me.” I thought you should know that Kelly holds you in such high esteem that she boasts about you to her college professor.

Mr. Knutson, Kelly wrote, “I respect my Dad because he loves my mom and treats her with respect. He taught me to believe in myself and supported me in all my decisions—even my stupid ones.” Mr. Knutson, I am reminded of the Proverb that says, “. . . and the glory of children are their fathers.”

Kelly also stated, “I am grateful for my Mom’s sacrifices for her children. She raised us well. Now, I am grateful for her discipline. I know now that “the Lord (and my Mom) disciplines those whom He/she loves.” Mrs. Knutson, Proverbs 31 says that the children of the virtuous woman rise up and “call her blessed.” That is what Kelly has done.

Kelly describes herself as being a hard worker, respectful, and a perfectionist. These are wonderful qualities for a teacher to have. She also wrote that her greatest desire is to be a Godly woman. What a wonderful influence she will be on the youth of our nation. Thank you for instilling in her such an admirable spirit. With parents on her side whom she admires, I know Kelly will continue to take on difficult tasks and win. She has made two presentations in my class which were carefully prepared and delivered beautifully. She is a gifted teacher. I also appreciate her pleasant disposition and attentive countenance during class. She is a fine teacher and role model for our young people.

If there is some way that you would like for me to personally help or encourage Kelly, I would welcome your suggestions. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with your daughter. I look forward to meeting you when you are in San Marcos. Please know that I would be delighted to visit with you and your family any time.

Sincerely yours,
Beverly Chiodo, Professor

Dated: December 10, 1998

My mom handed me this letter last week.

Fifteen years ago and unbeknownst to me, this letter was written by a professor and mailed to my parents while I was working on my college requirements for my emergency teaching certification in Texas. I was newly married, and not yet a parent. I had only been teaching for two years and was still very much a rookie in a large inner-city school in a rough area of San Antonio where 95% of the student population was “at risk” and about 20% of my students in any given class were pregnant, had a child, or fathered a child. I had one student who was 22, married, and a mother of two. I was 25.

Fifteen years later, my answer to Dr. Chiodo’s question, “who are your heroes/heroines?” would still be my mom and dad, my first and still most important teachers.

Fifteen years from now, I wonder how my children would answer.




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2 05 2013
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2 10 2013

*tears* That is so beautiful! I would agree. Parents are the most influential teachers there are.

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