Grace, a haiku

23 04 2013

About a month ago, I attended a ladies retreat, and after hearing a talk on grace, our small group was challenged to write a poem about grace. I would have much rather discussed how grace is evident in my life–receiving and extending grace, but that is a separate post.

Ladies began discussing the formalities of the poem. Should it rhyme? Should we each write a line? Iambic pentameter? Sonnet? Dr. Seuss style? Whatever. I hated poetry in my youth, and I’m still not a fan. I especially hated haiku because it didn’t rhyme, and rhyming is very important to me in poetry.

As of late, however, I have begun to really love haiku. Precisely because it doesn’t have to rhyme, and because it’s short by design. You can’t get all flowery and flowy and verbose. You only get 17 syllabus, so you much choose each word very carefully. I think that’s why I have begun to appreciate haiku. You must be precise, consise, and efficient.

Back to the retreat, I quickly suggested doing a haiku and I began jotting down words and phrases and counting syllables. I’m actually quite fond of this little creation.

Grace, a haiku
Daughter of the King
Accept what you don’t deserve
Free, unending . . . grace




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