1000 Gifts – Day 40

27 03 2013

Day 39 (and why I’m doing this)

976. Breaking into song with a group in a public place
977. Hot chocolate on a cold day
978. Free upgrades
979. Free shipping and return shipping
980. Horse drawn carriages
981. Caleb devouring the Percy Jackson books
982. New visitors to our church who are old friends
983. Mission Sundays
984. Praying for people I’ve never met
985. Meandering about through Ikea
986. Short road trips with my family
987. Parents who offer to pay for vacations
988. My dad who offers to drive on said road trip
989. Google
990. Drury Inns and their free hot dinners
991. Indoor/outdoor pools
992. Spending birthday money
993. Popping my shoulders and wrists
994. Skyscrapers
995. The 1960 Mercedes we once owned, purchased from the original owner
996. Freshly picked blueberries and blackberries
997. A Maga who will take her grandsons swimming
998. Double VIP points for Legos
999. My new mantra, “Let peace be the air I breathe.”
1000. Examining my life every day to come up with “gifts”




One response

8 10 2013

Love it! And we should definitely bring in hot chocolate when it gets colder outside. 🙂

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