1000 Gifts – Day 39

26 03 2013

Day 38 (and why I’m dong this)

951. Remembering to take my daily vitamins
952. Fish oil
953. New followers of Christ
954. Authentic Mexican food
955. Hedges of protection
956. When everything fits back into my suitcase
957. Ceiling fans
958. Shopping for household goods for Osdalia and Alberto
959. Praying together in a parking lot
960. Delicate, antique lace
961. Prom dresses
962. Interim opportunities
963. Saying goodbye, but knowing we’ll meet again
964. Tetanus shots and other protective vaccines
965. Hair bands
966. The first hugs from my boys after having been away for a week
967. Reading about the bromance between Chewbacca and Han Solo
968. Blackout shades
969. Striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman
970. Chemo Duck
971. Learning about home construction
972. A van full of girls belting out “This Girl is on Fire”
973. Airport layovers when I can read undisturbed for hours
974. Flying
975. Live music at the airport




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27 03 2013
1000 Gifts – Day 40 | To Kick a Pigeon and Other Musings

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