1000 Gifts – Day 38

25 03 2013

Day 37 (and why I’m doing this)

926. Not getting sun burned after a day in 97 degree weather painting a house
927. My San Antonio Spurs hat that is now thread-bare
928. Wowing my students with my flexibility
929. Hearing how Carl pursued Pat
930. Wired magazine
931. Being able to read a book on my phone
932. Overhearing random conversations
933. “If I were a ghost, I’d haunt you.”
934. The inspiration that often comes while in the shower
935. Anonymous donors
936. Packing lightly and efficiently
937. Nightly phone calls with my boys when I’m traveling
938. Remembering to take pictures
939. Surprise slideshows that are awesome
940. Shivering burns more calories
941. A field of sunflowers
942. The Lonestar state
943. Bike lanes
944. Huge patches of wild flowers growing along the interstate
945. When drivers drive the speed limit
946. Disaster averted, knowing God’s angels are protecting us
947. Being able to reach the exact spot in the middle of my back where it itches
948. Extreme Makeover: FRA Edition
949. Coming back from a trip with lighter luggage than when I left
950. People with a great sense of humor




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26 03 2013
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