1000 Gifts – Day 37

24 03 2013

Day 36 (and why I’m doing this)

901. The laser color printer in my classroom
902. Students who arrive at the airport on time
903. Easy flights
904. #flatpanther
905. Emails from Jerry
906. Being on the bottom bunk
907. Listening to other’s God Sightings
908. A quiet, peaceful dorm room full of nine young women
909. Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes
910. Catch Phrase and chocolate hamburgers
911. Touching God before touching others
912. Getting rental vehicle upgrades
913. “The joy of The Lord is my strength” really being true
914. Rediscovering the joy of PB&J sandwiches
915. People who truly are their names, such as Grace and Joy
916. Serving others only to be served as well
917. Seeing joy even when all material possessions have been stolen or destroyed
918. Osdalia and Alberto
919. Mission Discovery
920. Block parties
921. Craving fruit
922. Being free to cry while giving devotionals to my students
923. Remembering my Spanish from 20+ years ago
924. Driving a rented Ford Expedition for a week
925. Tejano music




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25 03 2013
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