1000 Gifts – Day 33

23 03 2013

Day 32 (and why I’m doing this)

801. Phone calls from long-lost friends who just want to check in
802. Only needing half the dressing in a dressing packet on my salad
803. Faculty meetings that end quicker than expected
804. Dedicated students
805. Spellcheck
806. A clean color printer
807. When Jason remembers to lift the toilet seat lid before vomiting
808. Being chosen as one of 100 Microsoft Innovative Educators from around the country
809. Being serenaded
810. Prezi
811. The large second monitor on my classroom desk
812. Everyone who works at Publix
813. An email from a vendor stating, “Has anyone told you are fabulous today?”
814. A surprise Chick-Fil-A breakfast biscuit from a dear co-worker
815. Thorough packing lists
816. Pot lucks
817. Our yearbook consistently wins 2nd place in the State competition
818. Living in community
819. Remembering to pack sun glasses when I travel
820. Having a traditional birthday party at home
821. Gymnastics
822. The Royal Family
823. Tax-free weekends in August before school starts
824. Looking at homes in Nashville for my parents to move in to . . . someday
825. Clever parodies of Downton Abbey




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23 03 2013
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