1000 Gifts – Day 32

23 03 2013

Day 31 (and why I’m doing this)

776. Embracing Pinterest
777. Teaching Caleb to play Civ
778. Ezekiel 36:36
779. Homemade Christmas tree ornaments
780. Accepting responsibility
781. Not accepting mediocrity
782. Papa pushing Jason on the swing
783. Touring really cool observatories around the world
784. The idea of my parents moving to Nashville
785. Daddy returning home after being away for a few days
786. Finding conviction in Deuteronomy
787. Honesty
788. Laughter of the boys and neighbor kids playing outside
789. Swords and light sabers and capes
790. A wonderfully organized garage
791. Finding a cheap pair of school for Jason in the right size and color and with Velcro instead of laces
792. Reveling in Christmas décor each year
793. When all of my students are caught up on their work
794. Personal days
795. The dragon hovering over Caleb’s bed
796. Jumping on mattresses in hotels
797. Realizing what is holding me back
798. Renewal
799. Supernatural strength and endurance when I completely worn out
800. Days growing longer




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23 03 2013
1000 Gifts – Day 33 | To Kick a Pigeon and Other Musings

[…] Day 32 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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