1000 Gifts – Day 31

23 03 2013

Day 30 (and why I’m doing this)

751. Getting to try all the various flavors of Goldfish without having to purchase a bag of each
752. Fried pickles and green beans
753. Hearing Imaculee Ilibagiza tell her story in person
754. Hearing Carmina Burana performed by the Nashville Symphony and Chorus
755. Calendars
756. “Llama Llama” books
757. Catching up with friends I haven’t seen in forever
758. A summer breeze
759. Sitting on the front porch as a family watching a lightning storm pass by
760. My mom’s popcorn
761. Monopoly being a great game to teach kids about finances
762. Monkeys in trees in the jungles of Nicaragua
763. Jason pretending snowballs are hitting him in the head
764. Discovering Athleta
765. “Breaking Abbey”
766. Spring break in NYC
767. Watching Jason play Subway Surfers
768. Always having Kleenex on hand
769. Scary movies
770. Mizuno running shoes
771. When Jason stops wailing and begins singing during a time-out
772. Carpooling with friends
773. Neighbors who take us up on our offer to use our swing set
774. Deck parties
775. Remembering God’s promise, “I will avenge”




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