1000 Gifts – Day 30

14 03 2013

Day 29 (and why I’m doing this)

726. Free summer concerts in the part by the Nashville Symphony
727. Caleb telling me my casserole was good, even if he didn’t completely mean it
728. Sticky rice
729. A bakery on every corner in Cusco, Peru
730. Friends who are kind and compassionate and let me vent to them
731. Finding true balance in life
732. Trying yoga poses that others claim are really difficult and finding them surprisingly easy
733. The yearbook poster my students made for the club fair, most of which highlights food
734. Jason informing me his new favorite number is 4039
735. All-school field trips to cheer on our basketball teams at the state tournament
736. The smell of spring
737. Spray-on sunscreen
738. All things Ragnar
739. Sam’s Club’s double-layer chocolate chip cookie cakes with extra frosting
740. Surprise emails that make me smile
741. Free All in the Hall concert tickets with a dear friend from TX
742. Photos from the Hubble Space Telescope
743. Praying with Caleb to fight Satan’s attacks
744. A husband who lets me vent and then hugs me afterwards
745. A professional wardrobe that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned
746. Four free pizzas from Papa Johns as compensation for a deliver that was ½ hour late
747. Maple glazed donuts
748. The music on Dragonvale
749. Coming in way under budget at the end of the month
750. Deciding to run rather than watch TV




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23 03 2013
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[…] Day 30 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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