1000 Gifts – Day 29

13 03 2013

Day 28 (and why I’m doing this)

700. Jason’s continuing excitement whenever he sees a train or empty track
701. The mountain peaks and valleys of marriage
702. Ugly-beautifuls
703. Friends who homeschool their children for the right reasons
704. A little boy who holds out his hands for me to smell as proof that he washed them with soap
705. Explaining to Caleb how and why I chose his name
706. iPad games that are free and fun for the whole family
707. Pita chips and imagining them covered in dark chocolate
708. Planning a fondue party
709. Getting into the nitty-gritty, good, bad, and ugly of life with new friends very quickly
710. Hugging friends better than I used to hug them
711. Releasing dreams, grieving briefly, and then being OK
712. How smooth my teeth feel after a trip to the dentist
713. Quiet humidifiers
714. When all the dishes in the dishwasher get clean
715. My Sonicare toothbrush
716. Thinking up the perfect malt—dark chocolate, brownie pieces, cookie dough, and other stuff
717. Looking through Publix’s decadent dessert selections
718. Department meetings during in-service
719. Crown moulding
720. Reminiscing with cousins about summers spent at Nana’s house
721. Jason’s handmade cards for his littler cousin Robert
722. Family reunions
723. Feeling free and loved enough to cry in front of other people
724. Choosing an apple instead of a candy bar
725. Caleb being able to prepare a dinner meal for himself and his brother all on his own




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14 03 2013
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[…] Day 29 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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