1000 Gifts – Day 27

11 03 2013

Day 26 (and why I’m doing this)

651. Finding a new salad that I really like
652. Friends with enough resolve and discipline to give up sweets/sugar/desserts for Lent
653. Singing in German
654. Caleb and Jason fighting over what kind of apples to buy
655. Praying the Psalms (particularly 19, 32, 38, 51, and 103)
656. Running further than I thought I would (or could)
657. Double-ply toilet paper
658. Calming my dog down when the fire alarm battery starts to die
659. Learning a new Photoshop trick
660. Wise council from new friends at church
661. Recovering from a head cold before it turns into bronchitis
662. When my students WOW! me with their work
663. Clouds that are shaped like hearts
664. Postcards in the mail
665. Not being superstitious
666. Hand sanitizer
667. Rain barrels
668. Helping a co-worker prepare for her first triathlon
669. When InDesign works right the first time
670. Yearly wellness exams that indicate I am getting healthier as I age
671. Being ahead of schedule
672. A co-worker to help oversee my very large study hall
673. Blue Cross Blue Shield finally deciding to pay Caleb’s ER/hospital bills
674. Reconnecting with best friends in high school or college
675. Finding out a co-worker is from the same hometown




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