1000 Gifts – Day 26

11 03 2013

Day 25 (and why I’m doing this)

626. Swinging higher than the cross bar on a swing set
627. Sand between my toes at the beach
628. Everyone pitching in to clean the house on a Saturday morning
629. Big red balloons
630. Re-reading the entire Bible every year and finding new revelations every time
631. Memorizing scripture
632. Playing Mafia with my Advisory group
633. Support from co-workers to try to institute a Faculty Senate
634. The moment when I realize ALL the cleaning is done and I can finally relax
635. Waking up to breakfast in bed from Caleb (banana, peanut butter, strawberries, bacon, and water)
636. Joining a CSA
637. Relaxing on a tube in a lazy river on a hot summer day
638. Caleb: “I like the book. I’m already on chapter 5.”
639. Dinner guests who show up with flowers
640. Leftovers I actually like left over
641. Finally finishing the magazine that has been sitting out for weeks
642. Motivational speakers who really do motivate
643. Learning something new
644. New members in our home church group
645. People who are open, honest, and transparent from the beginning
646. Jesus living in me
647. Designing my family’s coat of arms (in my head)
648. The sound of bag pipes
649. Not having to iron clothes
650. Composting




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