1000 Gifts – Day 25

11 03 2013

Day 24 (and why I’m doing this)

601. A manicure that lasts longer than opening the door to the car
602. Foolishness ended in unexpected ways
603. When Jason discovered he loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches
604. Seatbelts
605. When my boys ask to listen to Christian music in the car
606. Grocery shopping trips that don’t end in tears for one or all of us
607. “Mommy, mommy! You forgot something!” (a hug and a kiss from a little boy)
608. Truth revealed
609. The invention of cake balls
610. A husband who wooed me on the guitar
611. Falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow
612. A full tank of gas before heading out on a road trip
613. Recycle, reusing, or upcycling things
614. Making it this far without repeating anything on my list
615. Roll-y chairs in my classroom
616. Co-workers who drop in for an impromptu luncheon
617. Using Groupons before they expire
618. Not having to buckle my boys into their car/booster seats anymore
619. Freshly picked flowers waiting for me at dinner
620. Balancing the checkbook on the first try
621. Waking up truly refreshed
622. A little boy who can out-eat me on pancakes any day
623. P90X’s Ab Ripper
624. A husband who does not laugh at me as I try out a new kettle bell workout
625. Samoas and Tag-Alongs




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