1000 Gifts – Day 24

11 03 2013

Day 23 (and why I’m doing this)

576. Guest speakers who wow my students
577. Having new friends over for a dinner that lasts into the wee hours of the morning
578. Crawling into bed at night
579. Another teacher stopping me in the hall to offer an encouraging word
580. Watching my students perform expertly on stage
581. Renewed strength and energy when I am feeling depleted
582. Forgiving myself and not dwelling on my failure when I break my own rules of fasting
583. Like-minded co-workers
584. Finding a new blog and author I adore (www.crappypictures.com – I can relate to just about everything!)
585. Neighbors who babysit for free and even to keep the boys overnight
586. Dinosaur drawings on my white board at school
587. The mural art and scripture on the walls of my classroom
588. Cranking the music up in the van and belting it out to my heart’s content when no one else is with me
589. Receiving an email of praise from a parent of a student who also copied my principal on it
590. Realizing the house is too quiet because the boys are playing nicely with each other
591. Listening to Jason sing “Soul Sister” and filling in the words he is uncertain of
592. My boys making Valentines for prison inmates
593. My in-laws being at complete peace with my father-in-law’s decision to end chemo early
594. My oldest who fills in “1000 gifts” on my behalf . . . and he’s spot on
595. Perfectly undercooked brownies
596. Students getting excited about Excel
597. Running faster at the end of a 5K than at the beginning
598. Being able to do the splits at 40
599. The perfect sexy black dress
600. The patterned back of the built-in book shelves in our master bedroom (thanks Mom!)




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