1000 Gifts – Day 21

5 03 2013

Day 20 (and why I’m doing this)

501. Radio stations that play all Christmas music in December
502. Caleb’s face upon entering the Opryland Hotel for the first time
503. Watching groups of students pray in earnest during See You at the Pole
504. Throwing away a pen that has completely run out of ink
505. A husband who turns up the heat first thing in the morning
506. Completing half this list!
507. The 9’x13’ world map on the wall in Caleb’s bedroom
508. A fresh, clean bathroom
509. Listening to the drums on Styx’s Come Sail Away
510. Hearing a waterfall before seeing it
511. Talking about favorite books with my yearbook staff
512. Watching my students get excited about a class project
513. The cashier at Honey Baked Ham who gave me my meal for free, even after I questioned it
514. Receiving complements for my children from other parents
515. Saying a quick, desperate prayer for the car to start after five failed attempts, and God says “ok”
516. Knowing it’s for the best when we didn’t receive the “inclement weather” day phone call
517. Eating raw cookie dough and not getting sick
518. Listening to Caleb read to Jason
519. Yearbook has finally become a “real” class
520. Organizational skills
521. How God seems to stretch time on occasion and allows me to get a tremendous of work done
522. Having my class project, Entrepreneur 101, being featured in the school’s newsletter
523. Friends who love us and won’t let us “settle” into mediocrity
524. Being able to run again after a few week’s off from a pulled muscle
525. Being on the verge of tears (in a good way) while worshiping at church




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6 03 2013
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