1000 Gifts – Day 20

4 03 2013

Day 19 (and why I’m doing this)

476. Half-price Saturdays at Goodwill
477. Sharing with parents how awesome their kids are in my class
478. A mother who can turn khakis pants with holes in the knees into khaki shorts
479. Explaining to people that there really was a Star Wars Christmas Special on TV a long time ago
480. Meeting someone who has heard of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog
481. Jelly Belly factory tours that end with a nice free sample bag of candy
482. Knowing just enough French to buy a baquette and some cheese in a Parisian café
483. The guy who draws a smiley face on our Sam’s Club receipt
484. People who respond to email requests or questions in a timely manner
485. Laughing to tears at Pinterest fails with all of my boys
486. Thinking we were in line to enter St. Peter’s Basilica, only to find out we were in line to climb the tower
487. Visiting Czechoslovakia when it was Czechoslovakia
488. Not having to worry about a prom date
489. Finding a fresh apple from a street peddler in Nicaragua
490. Listening to friends share their testimonies
491. Watching Caleb film his first lego review
492. 80s music
493. Listening to Jason sing Dynamite
494. Standing in the grand lobby of the Sydney Opera House
495. Watching Lord of the Rings movies and recognizing places we have been in New Zealand
496. Re-reading The Odyssey every few years and still enjoying it
497. When my dad offers to pay for the movie tickets
498. Talking with friends about home décor
499. Still loving my custom kitchen counters six years after having them installed
500. Not getting upset when a spill ruined the finish on our coffee table




2 responses

4 03 2013
Linda Shepherd

#483…Joseph? We love him!

5 03 2013
1000 Gifts – Day 21 | To Kick a Pigeon and Other Musings

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