1000 Gifts – Day 19

3 03 2013

Day 18 (and why I’m doing this)

451. Having taste buds that work properly
452. Being able to feel
453. Having a sensitive sense of smell
454. Finally sneezing after several almost/failed attempts
455. Seeing the lake through the woods by our house
456. Glorious sunrises on my way to work
457. Those times when I am disciplined enough to NOT eat the cookie, donut, brownie
458. Learning about social entrepreneurship alongside my freshmen students
459. Updating my resume and realizing I’ve received some very nice awards and honors in my career
460. Remembering to put a colophon in this year’s yearbook
461. Fire drills on warm, sunny days
462. Being forgiven and being forgiving
463. A clean, sweet smelling dog
464. Seeing my children smile when I pick them up from school at the end of the day
465. Choosing all the candy for our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
466. The possibilities of each new day
467. Sunshine streaming through stained glass windows
468. Renting videos for free from the library
469. Being able to walk to church
470. Bike lanes on busy roads
471. Waking up healthy
472. Scented candles
473. When children remember to use a Kleenex instead of their clothing
474. Never having to worry about whether or not my drinking water is clean and safe
475. Project presentation days in Tech when students bring “samples” of their businesses




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4 03 2013
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