1000 Gifts – Day 18

3 03 2013

Day 17 (and why I’m doing this)

426. Getting to choose the scripture for the daily announcements
427. Being in NYC on St. Patrick’s Day
428. The hope of someday finding the perfect running jacket
429. The moment I realize I’m not hiccupping anymore
430. Anything from the Publix bakery
431. Re-gifting something that really is the perfect gift
432. Being able to say yes to a last minute request to host our home church
433. Realizing there is nothing “good” on TV so I can just read a book
434. Making it through airport security lines without being “randomly selected” for the full search
435. Jason’s first yearbook photo
436. Having the first discussion with Caleb about how we sound to ourselves isn’t how we sound to others
437. Learning the Preamble with my boys via Schoolhouse Rock
438. Feeling God’s presence and peace amidst chaos
439. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards from my sons
440. Teaching alongside former students
441. Massages on Groupon
442. The accent wall in my classroom was finally painted blue
443. Eating Ethiopian food for the first time and enjoying it
444. Learning a baked potato had more potassium than a banana
445. Getting double punches on my Rewards card on Wednesdays at Honey Baked Ham
446. When Jets Pizza mistakenly gave us a free large pizza instead of free small pizza
447. Telling a local store they refunded my purchase by $15 too much and being allowed to keep it
448. An awesome school librarian who will buy books just because I ask
449. Hearing myself breath (hearing anything)
450. Opening my eyes every morning with good vision




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