1000 Gifts – Day 17

1 03 2013

Day 16 (and why I’m doing this)

401. Talking with my boys after school and hearing about their days
402. Signing reading logs
403. The first and fifteenth of every month (pay day!)
404. Teacher Appreciate Day lunches and gifts
405. Teaching Jason to pray for Mr. Bear’s headache
406. Watching our retirement savings slowly grow
407. Being a part of the solution, not a part of the problem
408. Students who are now trying to help me come up with 1000 gifts
409. My wedding ring engraved with Hosea 2:19-20
410. A new Francine Rivers novel
411. The first remote control I pick up being the one I actually need
412. Jason’s bedtime question every night, “Will you sing and pray and rub my back?”
413. Neighbors who take care of dog for all of our short weekend trips
414. Opening an invitation to a free mani/pedi party hosted by my yearbook rep
415. Not gaining weight over Thanksgiving break
416. Moisture wicking undergarments on a long run
417. Finding a hair stylist I love
418. Finding a free place to park downtown on the weekend
419. Taste of Nashville BOGO tickets
420. Researching tours of India and Nepal
421. Knowing that even if our insurance doesn’t cover Caleb’s ER bills, we can still pay them and be just fine
422. A husband who cleans up dog pee and vomit
423. Co-workers who pray with me and for me
424. Knowing little bits and phrases of Swahili
425. Fulfilling lifelong dreams




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3 03 2013
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