1000 Gifts – Day 16

28 02 2013

Day 15 (and why I’m doing this)

376. Remembering to check Gas Buddy before heading out the door
377. Friends who text with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
378. Making forts with pillows and blankets
379. Caleb deciding to put together his own list of things he is thankful for
380. Spray painting our bedroom ceiling fan instead of buying a new one
381. My “running refrigerator” running costume
382. Walking in to a clean classroom each day
383. Seeing God answer my prayers in completely unexpected ways and years after I began praying
384. A friend hand-painting my bedroom lampshades to match the color of our couch
385. Being able to run on the treadmill while watching a movie or hulu in my own home
386. A midnight snuggler and banana thief named Jason
387. Listening to my yearbook students discuss typography and color schemes
388. Laughing till I cry or need to pee
389. “Let’s go BOO! Daddy.”
390. Blossoms in the magnolia tree on the side of our house
391. When students compliment on how “cute” I look
392. Finding a coupon code for a free Redox movie
393. Sleeping in a dark, dark room
394. Being too cheap to pay for the next “level” of time-sucking iPad game
395. Always having a race on my calendar so I don’t start to slack in exercising
396. Learning to swim freestyle properly – with my face in the water – and not being afraid
397. A mother who surprises me with homemade pillows to match my homemade Christmas quilt
398. Summer reading programs at our local library that my children get excited about
399. Vehicles that run
400. When my husband fills up the gas tank for me




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1 03 2013
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