1000 Gifts – Day 15

27 02 2013

Day 14 (and why I’m doing this)

351. Finally finding a mechanic we can trust
352. Yearly phone calls that result in credit card annual fees being dismissed or credited back
353. Knowing people get excited when I bring my homemade chocolate chip banana bread to gatherings
354. Students who respond to requests for quotes in a timely manner
355. The first sip of Pepsi in a newly opened can
356. Caleb offering to buy a toy for Jason at the store so he could buy one for himself
357. Hearing the garage door open when my husband arrives home from work
358. Remembering that “I am blessed. I am to bless.”
359. Mistakenly reading Genesis 29:21 instead of Genesis 29:20 before our wedding
360. Having a team come together to take on a Ragnar Relay
361. A fully charged battery on any electronic device
362. Caleb selling a ridiculous amount of popcorn for cub scouts
363. Planning periods at work
364. Finding a cool picture of a tree book shelf on Pinterest that we could have in our home
365. My 80+ year old grandma on Facebook
366. Thinking back on New Year’s resolutions to realize I’ve done pretty well
367. Reading a different translation of the Bible
368. Knowing my boys love their teachers and their teachers love them
369. Celebrating often overlooked holidays: National Donut Day and National Pancake Day
370. Homemade coupon books for cleaning and being kind from my sons presented to me on Mother’s Day
371. Potatoes and the 50-gazillion ways to prepare them
372. The moment Caleb first tried on his new glasses and was blown away at how well he could see
373. My husband taking on bedtime story duty almost every night
374. Choosing the perfect names for my boys
375. The silly songs my boys make up




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28 02 2013
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