1000 Gifts – Day 13

25 02 2013

Day 12 (and why I’m doing this)

301. Crock pot dishes requiring less than four items
302. Jason telling his favorite “alphabet” joke
303. When all the Legos are picked up and put away
304. Selling things on Craigslist
305. Saying “can of pee (canopy)” to get Caleb to smile for pictures
306. Getting iTunes gift cards for filling out surveys
307. Every time my Garmin vibrates and dings and tells me I’ve completed another mile
308. Mercies that are new every morning
309. My heated lap blanket
310. Clear blue skies
311. Family pictures that turn out well
312. Getting a coupon for a free bag of Lindt truffles
313. Having a deck that spans the entire width of our house
314. When my fingernails are all the same length and shape
315. The moment when my boys get shots and they no longer cry
316. A new gourmet cupcake shop opening in my neck of the woods
317. Playing “feed you to the fishies” when my boys were little
318. Telling my mom she was going to be grandma for the first time in 2002
319. Holding Jason’s hand as we across parking lots
320. Using Microsoft Word’s thesaurus when writing
321. Catching glimpses into the Spirit world and seeing God’s angels fighting for righteousness
322. Finding change on the floor
323. Caleb helping me come up with items for which I am thankful
324. People who understand the importance of meeting deadlines
325. Being selected to present at statewide and national conferences for my work in the classroom




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26 02 2013
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