1000 Gifts – Day 12

24 02 2013

Day 11 (and why I’m doing this)

276. Bringing in overflowing gallon-size ziplock bags of soda can tabs to Hope Lodge
277. My name meaning “Warrior Princess”
278. My neighbor’s mother-in-law who shares her extra produce with us
279. Pink noses coming in from the cold on a snow day holiday from school
280. Finding a turtle in our backyard forest
281. The first tulip blooms popping open each spring
282. That first bite of my homemade 5-pound, 5-cheese pizza
283. Planning surprise baby showers for co-workers
284. My husband baptizing my son
285. Playing High-Ho-Cherry-O with Jason
286. Chaperoning prom . . . really!
287. Filling up a Gigi’s Cupcakes reward card, knowing my next cupcake is on the house
288. Reports of “no cavities” from the dentist
289. Caleb’s sincere and repentant tears after he has done wrong
290. My growing amazon book wish list
291. My boys asking for music every night when the bedtime lights are turned off
292. Listening to Jason repeat my prayers for safety and protection when he wakes up from a nightmare
293. Having a good relationship with my in-laws after nearly a decade of my bitterness and unforgiveness in my heart
294. Jason’s masterpiece “Mommy on Fire Flying Up to Heaven” drawn on my classroom whiteboard
295. Finally taking my own advice to eat more fruits and vegetables every day
296. Dear friends who know the skeletons in my closet by name
297. When Excedrin finally kicks in
298. Rainbows after a storm
299. Discovering nasal washes are actually refreshing
300. Freshly chopped mint leaves




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25 02 2013
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