1000 Gifts – Day 10

22 02 2013

Day 9 (and why I’m doing this)

226. Clicking publish on a new blog post
227. The smell of a summer storm
228. Staying up way too late reading a good book
229. Sitting in the room to be our library someday, planning what it will look like
230. Running buddies
231. Catching lightning bugs
232. The smell of a real pine Christmas tree
233. When the parents of my students take the time to say thank you
234. The First Amendment
235. Watching Jason act out scenes from Star Wars
236. Talking about the Dancing with the Stars with my mom every week
237. Beginning to like foods and flavors I couldn’t tolerate in my youth
238. Being free to read the Bible whenever and wherever I desire
239. Cobblestone streets
240. Caleb’s best friend is our next door neighbor
241. Going through Black Friday ads with dear friends
242. Belonging to a church where the Spirit is alive and well
243. Living a debt-free life
244. Responding with love and grace rather than impatience and irritation
245. Cupcake Palooza with my mom and boys
246. Trips to the pumpkin farm
247. The window in my classroom door
248. Finishing the first book in a series and having the second one ready at hand
249. That moment when my kids are no longer afraid to sleep without a bright night light
250. Having co-workers who are not embarrassed to dress up and lip sync to High School Musical




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22 02 2013


23 02 2013
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[…] Day 10 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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