1000 Gifts – Day 8

20 02 2013

Day 7 (and why I’m doing this)

176. Checkbook errors that result in our favor
177. A co-worker surprising me with one of his most-amazing chocolate chip cookies
178. Yelling “Surprise!” at a surprise birthday party
179. Waking up and realizing that my injury is no longer hurting me
180. Saturday morning cartoons that keep my children entertained and quiet so I can sleep in
181. The moment I realize it’s NOT Jason who is crying uncontrollably at his swim lesson
182. The red Lego hearts Caleb made for us that grace our nightstands
183. Spending large amounts of time in prayer on days when I fast
184. Celebrating 40 instead of dreading it
185. Not having wimped out and gotten epidurals during the birth of my boys
186. Getting excited at the thought of going to back to school for another degree I don’t really need
187. Doing our taxes
188. Teaching Caleb to play Clue
189. Thinking about what I want to eat on Valentine’s Day: a homemade bacon (WI) cheese burger
190. When Gigi’s Cupcakes reveals their new spring/fall menu
191. Rediscovering the joy of bike riding
192. Reading Facebook statuses that are filled with praise rather than complaints
193. Walking through new homes being built
194. Licking off the spoon used to mix rice krispie treats
195. My dad building custom shelves in our garage
196. Dreaming of retiring to Costa Rica
197. That extra hour of sleep when Daylight savings time starts in the fall
198. Remembering to check Google’s traffic map before I leave for work in the mornings
199. JC Penney’s free kids’ haircuts
200. When my boys beg me for a trip to the library




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21 02 2013
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