1000 Gifts – Day 7

19 02 2013

Day 6 (and why I’m doing this)

151. All-inclusive resort vacations
152. Having a job I love
153. Listening to Caleb sing along to Wicked on the way home from school
154. Being able to provide a home for my parents or in-laws should we ever need to
155. Savoring a piece of dark chocolate
156. De-cluttering and sending a van full of stuff off to Goodwill
157. Being married to a man who encourages me NOT to wear makeup
158. My hair finally being long enough to put into a ponytail
159. Planning future trips around the world
160. Waking up not particularly hungry after completing a 40-hour fast
161. Being able to run a ½ marathon without needing a puff of my inhaler
162. Gazing upon “La Pieta” for the first time
163. Watching how exited the boys get when we hear the ice cream truck drive into our neighborhood
164. The sweet relationships some of my co-workers and students have with my sons
165. Eating warm remnants of chocolate chip banana bread that were stuck to the pan
166. Knowing my parents are financially secure in their retirement
167. Giving abundantly
168. Sleeping for at least eight hours straight
169. Caleb outgrowing Pokemon
170. Seeing my mom’s homemade noodles drying on the counter knowing they will be for dinner
171. Living in a country where I am free to vote without threat of persecution or harm
172. Helping my boys navigate the touch screen at the post office to mail off a package
173. Remembering to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store
174. Finding the perfect gift for someone and watching them open it
175. Superbowl party buffets




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20 02 2013
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