1000 Gifts – Day 5

17 02 2013

Day 4 (and why I’m doing this)

101. Not having to set an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning
102. The anticipation of waiting for Maga and Papa to arrive
103. Helping with a meal at Safe Haven Family Shelter
104. Crossing off items on my to-do lists
105. Throwing open the curtains and blinds to find a bright sunny day waiting for me
106. Newly colored, formerly gray roots
107. Hand-written thank you cards
108. Jason counting to 1000, “109 . . . 1000!”
109. Water and electric bills that were less than expected
110. Jets Pizza opening a store just a few miles from my house
111. Watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey
112. Discovering I like kale chips
113. Checking items off my bucket list
114. Holding Jason’s hand as we wade into Lake Michigan on a hot summer day
115. Being stopped at the top of a Ferris wheel
116. Writing Santa’s response to my boys’ letter to him
117. Planning out our race calendar with friends
118. Going through Pubix BOGO deals each Wednesday
119. Watching our dog get ridiculously excited when we get ready to take her on a walk
120. The case on my phone that has saved it from destruction on numerous occasions
121. Thinking about the fathers my sons will one day become
122. Being on track to pay off our house in about half the time as stated in our mortgage terms
123. Being told to “take any available seat” on a flight that has available seats in first class
124. Listening to crickets chirp at night while camping
125. Watching Jason go down the water slide at the Mammoth Cave Jellystone Campground




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18 02 2013
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