1000 Gifts – Day 4

16 02 2013

Day 3 (and why I’m doing this)

76. Watching Caleb look for his “special place” whenever we drive by our former house
77. That first bite of a Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken
78. All the free samples at Publix
79. Planning backyard birthday parties
80. Hiding under pillows certain others won’t find us
81. Going to the symphony with Matthew
82. Book club discussions over lunch
83. Fireworks – any time and for any reason
84. Visiting the children we sponsor through Compassion International
85. Watching Caleb hand out one of his goodie bags to a homeless person selling The Contributor
86. Kissing my boys goodnight long after they are asleep
87. Grading that last paper, quiz, project
88. Submitting that last page of the yearbook and taking it in that only then am I really on vacation
89. Eating raspberries straight off the bush
90. Driving over the ridge on Hwy 93 from Eau Claire to Independence, WI
91. Looking through photo albums from my youth
92. Madrigal dinners and roast suckling pig
93. Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures
94. Cheap street food in foreign countries
95. Any snow day, but particularly those that happen on a Monday or Friday
96. Walking around the campus of UWEC
97. Fourth of Julys spent at Tainter Lake with the Knutson family
98. Family-friendly double features on a warm summer night at the drive-in movie theater
99. Being on the campus of Columbia University
100. Homemade peanut butter on a slightly green banana




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17 02 2013
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[…] Day 4 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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