1000 Gifts – Day 3

15 02 2013

Day 2 (and why I’m doing this)

51. Candlelight
52. Our iris garden in full bloom in April
53. Hosting our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
54. Spending hours immersed in a good book
55. Empty garbage cans and the recycling hauled away
56. The daily anticipation of going to the mailbox after work
57. A full candy bucket after Halloween
58. Trying a new recipe
59. Watching my boys dunk their heads under the water and not be afraid
60. Listening to Jason sing as he plays by himself
61. Watching deer and wild turkey graze in the meadow behind our house
62. Hiking through the woods looking for troll caves and dragon homes
63. The stories of Nosaj and Balik
64. Kissing my love atop the Eiffel Tour
65. The scent from an open window on a warm spring day
66. The sight of Tulip Poplars and Redbuds in full spring bloom
67. Crossing the finish line after a triathlon
68. “Dark Vader,” “bathtized,” “anmi-al,” “brefkast,” “disposed to,” “renember”
69. Stepping into a hot, steaming bubble bath
70. Caleb doing his and Jason’s laundry
71. A large kitchen with lots of space and storage
72. My homemade spice rack from Matthew (made in the tradition of the Globe Theatre)
73. Offering grace instead of criticism
74. Unbaked brownie mix or cookie dough or muffin batter
75. The rock from the playground at school that Jason gave me




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16 02 2013
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[…] Day 3 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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