1000 Gifts – Day 2

14 02 2013

Day 1 (and why I’m doing this)

26. Dinner prayers sung to the “Superman” theme song
27. Emptying little boy pant pockets of dozens of rocks and sticks
28. The excitement in my boys’ eyes as they explain to me their latest Lego creations
29. Wandering about my quiet, empty house
30. My iTunes Christmas playlist
31. Dresser drawers full of my sons’ artwork
32. Being married to a man who can fix and build anything
33. Jason’s excitement at doing the “Prayer Game” at dinner each night
34. Caleb trying to fool us into thinking he got a bad report card
35. Parents who are healthy and retired
36. Parents-in-law who, despite major physical issues, exude joy, peace and thanksgiving always
37. Cookie Fridays in yearbook
38. Lunch Bunch Wednesdays with co-workers
39. Listening to Matthew read to Caleb and Jason at bedtime
40. The smell of freshly showered little boys
41. Jason’s “forever” hugs
42. Sneaking bellybutton kisses
43. Shopping with Caleb to fill up his “homeless goodie bags”
44. Cheap theater movie dates and large buckets filled with popcorn
45. Praying together as a family before leaving for school in the mornings
46. Running at Long Hunter on a cool summer morning
47. Christmas lights twinkling in our backyard
48. Cranking up my favorite music when no one else is around
49. Hearing the wood snapping and cracking in the living room fireplace
50. A dinner table full of guests




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15 02 2013
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[…] Day 2 (and why I’m doing this) […]

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