No More Christmas Cards

18 11 2012

After looking at our Christmas card list that has now expanded to over 200 families, it’s getting a little expensive to mail them out.

  • $100 for 200 family portrait cards printed (minimum)
  • $50 for 200 newsletters printed (paper & ink if we did it at home or the same if we had Kinkos print)
  • $100 for postage
  • My time and effort into making all of this happen for something that will at best be recycled in a few weeks and at worst end up in a landfill = PRICELESS

We are going to do something different this year.  As a family, we have decided to forgo the sending of traditional Christmas cards and instead are going to donate the $250 it would have cost to mail these to one of our favorite charities listed below.

I’m also going to post this on Facebook and send it out through email to friends and family.

Whichever organization gets the most votes by December 1 will get the money.  PLEASE VOTE in the comment section.  Where should we donate?




6 responses

19 11 2012

Love this idea! Such a great way to give back this season.

19 11 2012

Marian, who would you vote for?

19 11 2012

I would probably vote for the Nashville Rescue Mission or Safe Haven Family Shelter, I think everyone should have somewhere to go for the holidays.

19 11 2012

Chemo Duck. This is a lovely thing to do. Thanks!

19 11 2012

Compassion International gets my vote on this list. I so wish I could give so many practical gifts to people that it would really help. I totally approve of your idea.

6 12 2012
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[…] No More Christmas Cards explains how we came to our decision to NOT send Christmas cards this year. […]

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