Why My Kids (Might) Think I’m a Bad Parent

2 11 2012

My last post was on Things That Make Me a Bad Parent (Part II.)  I decided to approach this from the lens of what my children might think.  I don’t even have to ask them . . . I just know.

  1. We won’t buy Caleb an iPhone for his 10th birthday.  Everyone in his class has an iPhone.  Do you hear me?  Everyone!   And they all have iPhones—no Androids in his tech savvy 4th grade class.
  2. They have to eat what we are eating for dinner, and they do not get dessert unless they eat it all.  Gasp!  They do not get mac and cheese or hot dogs on nights when we’re having a casserole or salmon loaf or brussel sprouts or soup or ___________.  They only get those things when I am too lazy to cook in which case I let Caleb choose a wise dinner, but then he has to prepare it for himself and his brother.
  3. We enforce bed times.
  4. Caleb has to do his and his brother’s laundry each week.  He hates it.  I love it.
  5. Jason has to clean up his lego messes or I will take them all away the following day.  Many tears are shed over this.
  6. Caleb has to practice his trumpet or recorder 10 minutes a day.  When he complains, I offer for him to pay me back the $40 for the used trumpet we bought from a neighbor because he just had to have it.  This usually ends in sulking, stomping to his bedroom, and then the sweet sounds of trumpet noise.
  7. They only get $1.00/tooth from the Tooth Fairy.
  8. I will not “just run back home” to get their forgotten homework or lunch bags.  I believe they need to learn the consequences of not being prepared, and I’d rather they learn it young than later in life when the consequences are more severe.  (I don’t make them starve at school, though.  I’ll provide them with my apple and a granola bar I always have on hand.)
  9. If they are fighting in the car, I will take away whatever it is they are fighting about—Lego magazines, the iPad, toys, whatever.  I don’t care who did what to whom, neither gets to play.  I don’t need to be distracted like that when I’m driving.
  10. If they ask their Daddy a question and don’t get the response they want, they will come ask me.  My response is usually, “What did Daddy say?  Well, that’s what it’s going to be.”

For my readers who are parents, I would love to know what’s on your list.




8 responses

2 11 2012
Dr. Sayers


2 11 2012

i can’t believe they all have iphones! i dont even have an iphone!

2 11 2012

They don’t. I guess I didn’t do a good job of making that sarcastic enough.

2 11 2012

lol. Classic. “Everyone else gets…!”

4 11 2012

Why on earth would a 4th grader need a phone, let alone an iPhone?!? I got your sarcasm, don’t worry.

8 11 2012

i think they need one that way their popularity level shoots through the roof and everyone will look at them like they are awesome. (sarcasm)

16 11 2012

everyone has an iPhone, like really, I feel his pain

21 11 2013

I do my laundry too!! Your kids are going to be very responsible when they grow up! Good for you 🙂

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