I am the Light

10 06 2012

I was home with my family.  At least, it felt like home.  My mom was in town visiting and had run to the store, and we were awaiting her return.  Suddenly the sky turned pitch black.  Not storm-cloud-it’s-about-to-rain black, but BLACK.  It was a dark that was all encompassing, swallowing up everything it touched.  The dark was tangible.  You could feel it, and it felt cold, void of life and anything that mattered.  If you were in it, it left you feeling lost and alone.  It was overwhelming, depressing, wicked.  The dark was evil.

As I saw the dark swallow up house after house in our neighborhood, I thought, “This isn’t good.  Something is very, very wrong.”  I could not put a name to the wrong, but I knew it just wasn’t right, whatever “it” was.

Then I looked to the east in the sky and noticed that there was still a small patch of blue sky and white clouds giving off the light of a sunny summer day.  It did not yield to the dark.

I wondered at this strange dichotomy.

When I looked to the light I felt peace, even amidst the chaos and confusion of the dark.  I felt stronger, even though the dark drained the strength of everything it touched and rendered those who succumbed to its power utterly helpless.  I felt hope amidst the overwhelming desolation the dark brought with it.  I knew I would be okay, no matter what the dark tried to do to me.

 Then I woke up.

“I am the light.”

That was all He said at first.  He let me ponder those words for a few minutes.  Then He continued, “I am the light.  Keep your eyes on me, always.  Even when you feel like you are being surrounded and swallowed by the dark, keep your gazed fixed on me.  I will be with you.  I am stronger than the dark.  I will win over the dark.  Nothing can stay dark for long when My light is present.  You will overcome the dark, but only through the power and strength of My light.”

“I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.”
-John 8:12




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9 01 2013
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