Irrational Fears (and other things that just freak me out)

25 10 2011

Besides my more typical fears of drowning, being in a serious car accident, something horrible happening to my children, my house burning down, etc., I have a few really unusual, weird, and downright inane fears.  You will either relate, or you will chuckle to yourself at my irrationality.

clown from "Poltergeist"

clown from "Poltergeist"

  1. The clown under the bed.  If you’ve seen the first Poltergeist movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I first saw this movie almost 30 years ago, but I still sometimes wonder if that freaky little clown is hiding under my bed waiting to attack me.
  2. Fish biting me while I’m swimming in a lake, river, ocean or any body of water.
  3. Sharks attacking me while wading in the ocean.  I freak out if I go out so far that the water is above my knees.
  4. Snorkeling.  I hyperventilate when attempting to breathe under water even while using a snorkeling tube.
  5. Scuba diving.  See numbers 2-4.
  6. Swimming with my head under the water, even in a pool void of fish and sharks.  (At this point, you may wonder how on earth I ever completed a triathlon that requires swimming.  Very, very slowly and inefficiently as I do not swim with my head under the water.  I prefer the side stroke and back stroke—strokes that do not require head submersion.)
  7. The squirrels at Long Hunter State Park, especially when I’m running there.  (Don’t ask.)
  8. Giving guests food poisoning with anything I cook or bake.  (This has never happened, but I always wonder if this next banana bread/casserole/soup/ will be the one.)
  9. A burglar hiding in my closet or shower.
  10. Centipedes.  I can handle spiders, cockroaches, and other such bugs.  Centipedes are another story.

Share with me what’s on your list.




7 responses

25 10 2011

I once had a co-worker who couldn’t (COULDN”T) eat anything if she was alone. She was afraid that she might choke on whatever she was eating and there would be no one around to help.

Hope I didn’t give you something else to worry about.


30 10 2011
Katie Foster

You laughed at us for squealing at that centipede one time! Haha Vanderbilt has a 3-1 squirrel to student ratio. Watch out!

30 10 2011

You have a lot of water-related fears! I don’t like water very much, either. I hate bathrooms…that’s weird. I hate everything in them. I don’t breathe through my nose in public ones and I hate faucets and drains and nasty rugs in bathrooms (of which I have three…) Writing this out is actually making me laugh out loud because it’s so funny.

30 10 2011

2,3,9,10 are definitely HUGE fears of mine, but mostly 9&10. I can get pretty ridiculous on the bug fear though. After my arm incident, I have decided bug don’t like me either, so if we just stay away from each other then all is good.

6 11 2011
Katie Foster

I love Boba Fett! Ah this is great. Love all these costumes. I can’t wait for Trunk-R-Treat again either!

18 09 2013

I do have a fear of all bugs and fast flying objects near me… I tend to freak out before I even know what it is. I must say, I do like swimming even though I may not be very good at it….

5 11 2013

Does a phobia count? I have an ear-phobia. DO NOT touch my ears. You will regret it.

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