A Teacher’s Prayer

17 08 2011

Lord God,

Thank you for giving me another day on your creation.  Help me not to take advantage of your many blessings. 

Help me to be the teacher you want me to be—kind, patient, compassionate, gentle, and humble, yet firm and steadfast in the Truth.

May the words of my mouth be beneficial to the listener; encouraging and always building my students up, never tearing down.

Be at the forefront of my mind in all I say and do today.  Help me to use the gifts you have given me to bring glory to you in my teaching.  May I continually be a model of your unconditional love.

I pray for your peace, grace, mercy and perfect order to permeate my classroom.  May this space be a refuge to those who enter in.  Send your angels to protect us all from Satan’s tricks and deceptions.

Infuse me with energy, stamina, and perseverance to sustain me throughout the day.  When I am weary, rejuvenate me.  When I am frustrated, calm me.  When I am confused, guide me.

As you multiplied the fishes and loaves to feed thousands, take my meager efforts and bless my students abundantly.  Turn my failures into victories.  Satisfy the needs I have not met.  Remind my students of your presence when they stand at the crossroads of right and wrong.  

All I can give is my best, and I will continue to do that.  Help me to train my students in the way they should go so that when they are no longer under the roof of our school building, they will not wander off the right path.

I submit my students to you now and rededicate myself to the task you have placed before me.





2 responses

26 08 2011

This is absolutely beautiful. I think you should have it published in a devotion book or something of the sort. More importantly, it seems to me that you truly live your teaching career on that prayer. What a even better place FRA would be if all the teachers had that kind of peace and steadfastness in their lives everyday!

26 08 2011

Thanks Katie. I really do pray this every day as much for all of you as for myself.

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