What I Love About You Now . . .

19 03 2011

The men in our home church group are on a retreat this weekend.  On our ladies retreat in January, the men wrote notes to us–one for each of the three days we were away.  We wives decided to do the same for our men this time around.

  • For Friday, we focused on what we love about our husbands.
  • Saturday’s notes were written by our children and included a list of things they are thankful for, for their fathers.
  • For Sunday, we wrote about our dreams and goals for our futures together.

Mapenzi, this is for you!

  1. You are a man after God’s own heart.
  2. You have a rock-solid faith.
  3. You have one of the purest hearts I’ve ever encountered.
  4. You thirst for righteousness in everything and from everyone.
  5. You desire goodness, always.
  6. You are a man of many, many, many talents.
  7. You are a true Renaissance Man.
  8. Your musical abilities continually amaze me.
  9. Your intelligence is incredible.
  10. You are interested and curious about so many things.
  11. You can fix almost anything.
  12. You can build sheds and decks that rock the neighborhood.
  13. You are a most fabulous father.
  14. Your sons adore you above any other man on earth.
  15. You do all the driving.
  16. Your running capabilities will never cease to astonish me.
  17. You are a great experimental cook.
  18. You make delicious pickles and salsa.
  19. You do all the grilling.
  20. You clean the bathtub for me.
  21. You do all the yard work and take care of the vehicles so I don’t have to.
  22. You are my filter.
  23. You fast with me and for me.
  24. You will do anything I ask.
  25. You love me more than words can express.

I only thought of this one after I saw “The Addams Family” musical on Broadway this past week, but it’s so, so true:  You love me like Gomez loves Morticia.  If all husbands loved their wives with that deep, passionate, boundless love that transcends age and physical beauty, the state of marriage would be so much closer to God’s heart.  I get to live there every day with you.




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