Pet Peeves

22 12 2010

I’ve been running low on ideas for blog posts these past couple weeks.  Today as I was visiting the loo at the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, the darn thing flushed of its own accord before I was ready.  Well that gave me a not-quite-so-pleasant surprise.  Thus, my list of pet peeves was born.  In no particular order, here they are.

  1. automatic toilet
    automatic toilet

    Automatic toilets that flush before you’re finished with your business.  You lean forward to get the toilet paper, and BAM!  Your bottom gets a cold short bath you didn’t ask for.  Thanks motion sensors.

  2. Snow.  My husband and I had this exchange today heading into Indianapolis, which was covered with several inches of dirty snow.  Matthew, “I love being where snow is.”  Kelly, “I love being where snow is not.”
  3. People who don’t express thanks when given a gift.  Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I think this is one common courtesy that has sadly fallen by the wayside.  I’d rather provide a gift or meal to a family of strangers who are thankful than to a friend or family member who can’t even acknowledge a gift was given.
  4. This one was originally going to be labeled “Idiot Drivers,” but that is a category I’m sure I fall into more than I’d like to admit.  Instead, I’ll call this one:  People who don’t use turn signals.  Such a simple act of courtesy so easily overlooked.
  5. People who flip me off because I drive the speed limit or come to a complete stop at stop signs.
  6. People who talk on the phone or text while driving.  I realize I am probably in the 1% of society that does not do either of these actions.  Are you really that important that the conversation can’t wait until you can conduct it at a safer time and place?  And texting?  Research has shown that people who text while driving operate their vehicles as if they were legally drunk.
  7. People who text while I’m in the middle of a conversation with them.  Is the person on the other end of the text that much more important than our face-to-face conversation?  If so, please be honest and tell me and then excuse yourself to answer the text.  Your attention is divided if you try to attend to both of us at the same time.  Maybe I’m the only who feels this way, but I feel cheated and demeaned when I am ignored in favor of your reading a text in the middle of our conversation.  Can the person on the other end of the text really not wait a few minutes until we’re done?
  8. Shopping carts with one wobbly wheel, which I inevitably choose just about every time.
  9. Glitter. 
  10. Play-doh.  The smell.  The texture.  Everything about this stuff turns my stomach.



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