Overflowing with Thankfulness

22 11 2010

“So then . . .
continue to live your lives . . .
overflowing with thankfulness.”
Colossians 2:6-7

As Thanksgiving approaches in a few days, the question “What are you thankful for?” has been entering many conversations I’ve had over the past few weeks.  Here is a sampling of what I am thankful for.

  1. The cross.  The blood of Christ.  He who died for my sins.
  2. God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness that he offers me on a daily basis.
  3. Peace and joy that God offers me on a daily basis, if only I am willing to accept it.
  4. The working of the Holy Spirit in my life.  Hearing that still, quite voice convict me when I need to be convicted and encourage me when I need to be encouraged.  Taking my heart’s cries to the Lord when I’m not sure what I even need, but knowing God does.
  5. God’s word.  Life-giving, life-sustaining, life-changing word.
  6. My husband.  Renaissance Man.  Wonderer and wanderer.  Creator and blower-upper.  Pyromaniac.  Stargazer.  Talker and listener.  Coffee brewer extraordinaire.  Pig manipulator.  Man of God.  My foundation.
  7. Caleb.  My sensitive, creative, artistic, inquisitive, perceptive, insightful, inventive, imaginative, resourceful one.  Expert Lego builder.  Walking Star Wars and Pokémon encyclopedias.  Comic book author and illustrator.  Top popcorn salesman.  Giver of amazing hugs.
  8. Jason. My stubborn, headstrong, fierce, funny one.  Thomas the Train lover.  Busy, busy, busy little boy who needs far too little sleep, especially on the weekends.  Creator and perfector of silliness, chaos and messes.
  9. Passing on a legacy of following Christ and serving Him to my children.
  10. My parents and their unconditional love and support and the way they love and adore my children. 
  11. My job.  My amazing coworkers.  My students and their parents.  I am having the best semester I’ve ever had and am completely refreshed by my choice of career.  I am confident I am where I am supposed to be.
  12. FRA education for my sons.  An amazing education at an amazing school with amazing teachers.  You are my second family.
  13. My home and the place of rest and refuge it is for me.
  14. My neighbors.  I can’t begin to tell them thank you enough for the way they take care of us and love on my boys.
  15. My friends, teamship, and community that matters.  They have opened my closet, pulled out and dusted off the skeletons, and walked with me in love and grace through the mess of dealing with them.  What a blessing it is to be free to be real, ugly, messed up and still adored.
  16. Financial discipline.  We have been tremendously blessed living with the philosophy of “if we can’t afford to pay for it in full right now, we can’t afford it.”
  17. Giving of our time and resources.  We are usually blessed more than those to whom we are giving and serving.
  18. Good health.  Even amidst the colds and sniffles, we enjoy tremendously good health.
  19. Running and being able to physically challenge my body in ways a few years ago I would have thought impossible.
  20. Music.  How quiet and sad my world would be without the music of my husband, my sons’ silly songs or the CD in my car (or even ridiculous commercial jingles that stay in my head for hours on end.)
  21. Learning and reading; they have transformed my life.
  22. Traveling the world.  Nothing compares with being able to experience a life drastically different from my own.
  23. Hope.  Without it, where would I be?

What are you thankful for?




18 responses

28 11 2010

love this post. you’re list is so thought out and complete. it makes me want to create list too!

28 11 2010

I would love to read your list!

28 11 2010

It’s really cool that you’ve taken time out to really think about what you’re thankful for and write it down; I remember making lists like this when I was younger.

28 11 2010

What kinds of things were on your list when you were younger? How have they changed over the years? I would love to read your list.

28 11 2010

I feel the need to create a list now! You are so thoughtful!

28 11 2010

Create your list! It’s interesting to look back over the years to see how things have changed. I would love to read a list of yours.

28 11 2010
Hunter Schleicher

I am most thankful for my family. The older I get, the more I realize how wonderful and supportive they are. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving break!

29 11 2010

How sweet Hunter! I hope you’ve shared that with your family.

28 11 2010

I am thankful for the present. It truly is a gift! I am having a wonderfully blessed senior year. I feel as if I am exactly where I belong. Despite the hectic schedule and all the things left on my to-do list, I am just enjoying life. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your list, Mrs. Huddleston, and I’m glad you are having such a great semester as well!

29 11 2010

I’m glad to hear you are having a great senior year. You’re perspective and gratitude are a blessing.

29 11 2010

I love your perspective on all of the things God provides for you. His love really is amazing, and I’m thankful for that.

29 11 2010

Thanks Morgan. I would love to know what else you are thankful for.

29 11 2010

Your posts are always so well developed and thought-out. Theres a method to every single one like listing and it’s very professional! The list itself is awesome and so true as well!

29 11 2010

Thank you Gunner. What would be on your list?

30 11 2010

That’s a very complete list! I have a feeling that my list would be too long for anybody to want to read.

30 11 2010

Nik, I would sincerely love to read your list.

10 12 2010

1. Christ – Not only am I thankful for Jesus having died on the cross, but I am even more thankful for the grace that God has given me and the faith that he has given me. Without that faith, I could not be close to him and appreciate the gift of His Son.
2. Family – I’m fortunate to have great parents, brothers, cousins, etc. I am very thankful for them.
3. FRA – I have had many amazing teachers here, people that have changed me and my life, not to mention the friends I have met here.
4. Music – All music in general. Imagine being without music.
5. Passion – I am thankful that I have been given a passion for many things, especially music. I know a lot of people who aren’t passionate about what they do, and I am thankful for not having that problem.
6. Opportunity – I have had more opportunities than I can imagine. I’ve been able to play in two professional bands, sit in with Grammy award winning musicians, learn from the best teachers, run for the best coaches. I have been given an opportunity to succeed in everything that I have done.
7. Hope – imagine people that do not have hope. I am glad I have been given it.

Ultimately, everything that I have ever been given is a gift. “To whom much has been given, much is expected.” I am thankful for the ability to have enough (both material possessions and abilities and talents) that I am able to give back to others.

9 12 2010

I already commented on this post…but decided I should again! I am so thankful I took digital media! I thoroughly enjoyed the class!

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