Counting My Blessings

20 10 2010

As I held my 2-year-old son Jason last night, rocking him and singing to him before putting him to bed, I was counting my blessings.  My son is here.  With me.  Alive.  Unhurt.  Healthy.  Growing.  Learning.  Making silly sounds and informing me he was dog while I was trying to sing “Jesus Loves Me.”  He makes my heart sing, and I am so very blessed to have him in my life.  I often consider this as I’m praying for him and putting him to bed each night.  Last night was different.  I held Jason closer.  And longer.  And tighter.

Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown

This past weekend, a friend’s sister and family were camping at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.  They have three small children.  They were hiking on Saturday and were at the bottom of a trail when a 25-pound boulder the size of a basketball broke loose and struck 2-year-old Caleb Brown, in the head.  He immediately crumpled in his mother’s arms—who was holding him at the time of the accident—and they thought he was dead then.  An EMT who was nearby on the trail took his pulse and announced Caleb was still alive.

Tim Brown, Caleb’s father, made it halfway up the trail before running out of steam.  Another hiker, who also happened to be an EMT, grabbed Caleb and continued up the trail.  He handed Caleb off to a firefighter who got him to the top.

Tim said, “God completely orchestrated that.  By the time we got to the top of the hill, there was a pediatric nurse, a doctor, at least a couple of other nurses, a police officer and a firefighter.  Everybody was surrounding him.  They knew exactly what to.  They were just hiking that day.”

Caleb was life-flighted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga.  He’s been in a coma since the accident.  He’s battling swelling in his brain which necessitated doctors drilling a hole in his skull to relieve the pressure.  He’s on many medications that are now causing other unpleasant side-effects to his liver, kidneys and heart.  Caleb has also suffered brain damage, but his doctors are unsure of the extent at this point.

Over the past four days, I have cried out to God on this child’s behalf as well as for his parents and all those on his medical team.  As our home church group prayed fervently for this little soul Sunday night, many questions were raised and ideas explored.

  • While we pray for a miracle (our God is a God of miracles after all), we also need to pray for God’s will to be done.  Maybe God’s will is for healing, maybe it’s death, maybe it’s something in between.  We simply don’t know at this point.
  • I was reminded of this scripture from Job 1:20, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.  May the name of the Lord be praised.”  No matter what, whether in joy or in grief, we are to praise the name of the Lord.  Why is this easier said than done? 
  • Our leader shared a message he had heard years earlier from a friend.  When we get to heaven, might there be friends or family members telling us they wished we’d let them go sooner/quicker/earlier than we did?  While modern medicine has made life sustainable for even the most extreme and traumatic medical cases, is it really “living” if the work of the heart or lungs or brain is being done by a machine? 
  • Another member shared this thought.  No matter what the medical condition is—cancer, coma, multiple sclerosis—we will be healed one day.  Healing may take place while we are still on Earth.  Healing may also take place once we are in heaven.  Whenever and wherever it happens, our bodies will be healed.

So as I held Jason last night, I also prayed for healing for Caleb Brown.  I prayed for his parents, too.  I tried to imagine myself in their shoes.  What would it be like if instead of holding my son and putting him to bed, I was holding him while he was in a coma, unsure if he would live to see the next dawn.   I prayed that God would give them strength, wisdom and guidance as they deal with decisions they will face in their future—probable surgeries, long-term care, or possibly letting Caleb go.  I prayed that “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” from Philippians 4:7.

Please keep this little boy, Caleb Brown, and his parents, Tiffany and Tim Brown, in your prayers.   You can also find more information below and get updates by joining his Facebook group.

Facebook Group:  Caleb Brown (current)

Tennessean story:  Minister, Father of 2-Year-Old Hit By Boulder Asks for Prayers (10-20-10) story:  Brown Family Has Thousands of New Friends Pulling For Caleb’s Recovery From Head Injury (10-20-10)

WSMV news story and video report:  Toddler Hurt By Falling Boulder at Fall Creek Falls (10-19-10)




9 responses

21 10 2010

This is such a tragic story. I will definitely send up a little prayer for Caleb and his family in their time of need. Thanks for letting us know

21 10 2010

This family will be in my prayers.

21 10 2010
Hunter Schleicher

I can’t even imagine how his mother must feel. The pictures on Facebook just tore me up. Hoping the best for Caleb… He and his family are in my prayers.

22 10 2010

This is such a terrible thing to happen to a child; I’ll pray for Caleb and his family.

22 10 2010

Sending prayers and vibes to their family. I cannot fathom experiencing this.

22 10 2010

I’ll put this down for a prayer at my church.

24 10 2010

It is amazing how even in the most tragic situations, God is with us. I completely agree that He was orchestrating Caleb’s heros. Caleb and the whole Brown family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

25 10 2010

He will definitely be in our prayers. We are all so blessed, I think we often forget our blessings.

10 12 2010
Hunter Schleicher

So glad to hear that Caleb is doing well! Hope you have a great Christmas break!

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