Lost in Translation

9 09 2010

Matthew and I visited China in 2007.  While there, we discovered why using Google Translator as your sole translation source is not a good idea.  Click on each picture to view a larger version.


This was in the back of an in-flight magazine from Shanghai to Xi'an where they list the songs played on the various channels. I can't decide if "Harmonious Conjugality" or "Hauling Camel" is my favorite.


This was found in the Beijing airport.


I think this was found at the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum outside of Xi'an. I wish I knew what an "areaturnover" line was. I think I would really like to walk it someday.


Sadly, I know too many native-English speaking people who confuse the correct usage of to, too, and two.


Conserve happens!


You may walk. You may run. You may wander. You may stroll. You may saunter. You may stumble. You may even crash. But by all means, do not stride!

I would love for my readers to share your favorite examples of Chinglish, Spanglish, Frenglish, or any other examples of “lost in translation.”




11 responses

9 09 2010

Oh to be a tourist without a translator. Great Post!

10 09 2010

My dad deals with Japanese machines when he works, and he tells me funny stories about the instruction manuals they write. I can’t remember any specific ones, but I’ll try to remember and bring an example Monday. 🙂

11 09 2010


Mostly Japanese though, I think.

11 09 2010

Too funny! I love the one menu items. Thanks for sharing Brian.

11 09 2010

So funny!

11 09 2010

Hahaha I love pictures like this! Anything with a comical translation or grammatical error makes me laugh. I actually have a book at home that is titled “I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar.” It’s full of pictures of signs with laugh-worthy errors. Despite the fact that they are in English, they are still pretty funny. I’ll have to bring it to school on Monday.

13 09 2010

I would love to see that book. You’ll like my post this coming week. Stay tuned. . .

13 09 2010

Oh yes, losing things in translation can be very frustrating!

30 09 2010

couldn’t these people just put their choices into word, if they were that unsure about how to spell them!

9 10 2011

Google Translator can be really comical with some of the translations. Those are really funny!

10 10 2011

We had even more examples, but I can’t find the pictures. 😦 We had a lot of people staring at us wondering why we were laughing and taking pictures of these various signs.

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