100 Things To Do This Summer

9 08 2010
Caleb's Summer To Do List

Caleb’s Summer To Do List

During the last few days of school in May, Caleb and his classmates had to write a journal of 100 things they wanted to do this summer.  Some of Caleb’s items are pretty typical of what a 7-year old would want to do, others, not so much.  Enjoy his list.  (No animals were hurt in the making of this list, nor was any spelling changed from the original manuscript.)

*item accomplished

  1. Go swiming*
  2. Get a pet
  3. Get legos*
  4. Read* (100 books in the first three weeks!)
  5. Go to a museum* (National Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum)
  6. Join a club
  7. Have a sleep over*
  8. Go to the beach*
  9. Go to the zoo* (Omaha, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Nashville zoos)
  10. Visit my grandparents* (We visited all of our living grand and great-grandparents.)
  11. Plant a tree
  12. Get a trampoline
  13. Get ice cream* (Although he doesn’t really like ice cream.)
  14. Go to the circus
  15. Go to Toys R US*
  16. Go to the park*
  17. Get Spider Man 1
  18. Ride my bike*
  19. Wach TV*
  20. Play vidieo game*
  21. Go to Toy Story 3*
  22. Go to Washington D.C.*
  23. Play with my legos*
  24. Clean my room*
  25. Go to a restrant*  (We went to many restaurants, but the most memorable one was an Indian restaurant to celebrate my husband’s birthday.  I gave Caleb a bite of my chicken dish, and he started to go into anaphylactic shock.  Of course, we left the epi pen at home, but thankfully, he’s fine now.)
  26. Have a play date*
  27. Go to my friend’s house*
  28. Go to the mall
  29. Go to Wal    Mart* (Yes, he drew the star.)
  30. Lose a tooth* (He lost two, but the Tooth Fairy was on vacation in the Dominican Republic.  Thank goodness for grandparents!)
  31. Do chors* (This is one of my favorite items on his list.)
  32. Buy balloons
  33. Have a chek up
  34. Buy new clouths*
  35. But a present for my parents* (It was three bags of the cast-off Christmas Jelly Bellies from the Jelly Belly factory near my parent’s house.)
  36. Wash a car*
  37. Climb a tree*
  38. Lean how to use a pocket knife (He takes after his Daddy.)
  39. Play soccker
  40. Play clones*
  41. Fly a kite
  42. Work on scaring people* (This one is very important to him, and I do have to admit that he’s getting better.)
  43. Sew a button
  44. Make rice krispy treats*
  45. Make carmels*
  46. Make noodles

    Color War

    Color War

  47. Make up a game* (Color War and Target were two of his better made-up games, but they both boiled down to:  whoever went first, won.)
  48. Do math*  (He finished all the lessons in his first grade math book and started working on the multiplication tables.  A little bit of money was involved.)
  49. Make up a limrick (This is a word he learned from “Word Girl.”  He has come up with several clever limricks.)
  50. Make a droiyd*
  51. Play hide-and-go-seek*
  52. Colekt leafs
  53. Get mail*
  54. Help people* (He did this a lot!)
  55. Give my mom and dad kisses* (Another of my favorites on his list.)
  56. Play football
  57. Make art*
  58.  Eat popsickles*
  59. Cach a bug*
  60. Go to a acwairiyam (aquarium, in case you were wondering)
  61. Get a toy*
  62. Get a movie*
  63. Get a stuft animal* (Because the 100 he already has aren’t enough, I guess.)
  64. Get ice cream* (He still doesn’t like ice cream.)
  65. Make a calender*
  66. Buy apples*
  67. Go to Cea-Ceas* (Cici’s Pizza, that is.)
  68. Go to M.C Donelds*
  69. Get a yo-yo
  70. Work on maners* (We’ll be continuing this one long past summer vacation.)
  71. Go to Cukie Chese (Chuck E Cheese’s)
  72. Count to 100 (He’s known how to do this for several years now so he didn’t feel he needed to do it again.)
  73. Ride a boat*
  74. Pick flowers*
  75. Make a cake*
  76. Buy a ball
  77. Play cech (catch)
  78. Get a shot (???  He cries watching his brother get a shot.  I don’t know why he would want one of his own.)
  79. Get out the sprinkler*
  80. Make a book* (It was called “Star Wars 10.”)

    Star Wars 10 Cover

    Star Wars 10 Cover, written and illustrated by Caleb Huddleston

  81. Play on my playground*
  82. Take naps*
  83. Work on the scientific method* (Yup, he takes after his Daddy.)
  84. Surprise my parents*
  85. Get my self an office (This is my favorite.)
  86. Drink lemonade*
  87. Get a cabnet
  88. Go to the Ocshien (Don’t you love how little kids spell?  It’s supposed to be ocean.)
  89. Play with Jason*
  90. Go on a hike*
  91. Play in the sun*
  92. Play games*
  93. Go to the observatory
  94. Go to the farm*
  95. Get new pajamas
  96. Buy a puppy
  97. Get a package*
  98. Make up a poem
  99. Win a prize* (He won a free pizza at a VBS.)
  100. Splash in pudels*

Oh to be child again!  The carefree, happy days before I even knew what stress was.

In contrast, my list was:

  1. Thoroughly clean the house inside and out, including windows*
  2. Repaint chairs and table on the front porch*
  3. Touch up paint on inside walls*
  4. Rewrite curriculum for Digital Media*
  5. Get my lesson plans done*
  6. Get together with many, many friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors for a meal* (Though not nearly as many as I had hoped.)
  7. Plan our 2011 summer trip (I’m so OCD, this is normally done by now, but the jury is still out.  We’re thinking somewhere in Central America so we can save our frequent flier miles for another year and go to India in 2012.)
  8. Read a lot*
  9. Nap a lot*
  10. Maintain an 8.5 minute mile for a 5K (HA!  Not happening in this heat!)
  11. Have a fun, safe, healthy trip to Dominican Republic*
  12. Get baby clothes and gear organized for a consignment sale*
  13. See “Eclipse” on the big screen (I’ll probably wait till it comes to the cheap theater.)
  14. Make a baby gift for my brother and his wife

My list should have been:

  1. Enjoy each day with my precious family
  2. Don’t waste time doing stupid, insignificant things on the computer or watching TV
  3. Go on more dates with my husband

Not that I didn’t do any of these, but I should have done each of them more.  As I grow older, I am more determined not to take advantage of the time God has given me with my amazing sons and even more amazing husband.

Take some time to consider:  What is on your to-do list?  What should be on your to-do list?

Love and prayers,




5 responses

9 08 2010

Your son’s list is absolutely adorable. What a great idea! I work with Kindergartener’s, it would be neat to see what ideas they came up with. I’m sure I won’t see to many responses like “get a shot” or “get my self an office” 🙂

9 08 2010

I bet your kindergartners would enjoy this (or at least their parents would.) Have them check off the things they do, and then bring it back to their first grade teachers, or report back to you in the fall. -Thanks for reading!

10 08 2010

Nice post!!:-P

2 09 2010

This is a really impressive list, I wish I could make one and actually complete the items on it 🙂

3 09 2010
Jordyn Poston

I love this post! Your son’s list is precious and I wish I could have done some of those things this summer. Sounds like he had a very productive few months! 🙂

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