Re-evaluating My New Year’s Resolutions

27 07 2010

Yesterday I was thinking about the New Year’s resolutions I made for 2010. 

  • Read through the Bible
  • Start a prayer journal with Caleb
  • Try one new recipe each month
  • Eat one non-potato vegetable each day
  • Turn off TV/no reading during dinner (most nights)
  • Run 1/2 marathon and a few other races
  • Increase giving 1/2%

My current status on these items:

  • Read through the Bible:  On track!  I began in Genesis 1:1 on January 1, and I’m currently on Jeremiah 32.  I did this in 2009 as well, and it was amazing!  I hope to continue this every year.
  • Start a prayer journal with Caleb:  Not so on track.  Looking back, our last entry was May 17, but the one before that was February 28.  The plan was to write our prayers down every night, and then pray through them on the way to school the next morning.  I’m not confident this will go anywhere this year, but it’s worth re-evaluating.
  • Try one new recipe each month:  On track!  Most dishes have been amazing and only one has been an epic failure.  It involved cooking chicken breasts in a crock pot with lemon slices on top of them for eight hours.  Eight hours is way too long to cook chicken with lemon.   
  • Eat one non-potato vegetable each day:  Mostly on track.  I still need more veggie variety in my diet.
  • Turn off TV/no reading during dinner (most nights):  Not so on track.  I really don’t care about the TV, but I do read a lot while eating.  I seriously need to break myself of this poor habit and refocus my energies on my family during that time.
  • Run 1/2 marathon and a few other races:  On track!  I’ve run a 10K, the Nashville Music City 1/2 marathon in April and am signed up to run a 12-member relay from Chattanooga to Nashville (189.1 miles) in November, and will probably run a 5K or two this fall.
  • Increase giving 1/2%:  On track!  Our goal this year is to give 15.5% from our gross income.  I actually think we may exceed our goal!  Financial discipline leads to financial freedom leads to an amazing place to live.
  • I would love to hear what your News Year’s resolutions or goals were and what your progress is.





    5 responses

    28 07 2010

    Love this post, Kelly! I am really enjoying your blog. Its funny cuz I just found my list of resolutions a few days ago in a notebook I was flipping through. So I happen to have them right here! 🙂

    1) Be on time, damn it!
    2) Keep kitchen clean, damn it!
    3) Eat better- more healthy stuff, less junk
    4) Complete 14 week workout commitment

    1) Can you tell this one has been on my list every year for awhile? I’m still not one of those people who is 15 minutes early to everything (like my husband) but I would say this year has been the most “on time” year of my life so far. I am thrilled to be able to say that!!

    2) Same with this one, been on my resolution list since I moved out of my parents house, eight years ago. I am happy to say that this year has been my “cleanest kitchen” year yet! Still not perfect, but VAST improvement from years past!!

    3) I’ve been making little changes throughout the year. I do get off track sometimes, for a couple days or a week or two, but overall my eating has been good this year. 🙂

    4) That fourteen week commitment (from Jan to April) was life changing for me! A friend and I kept each other accountable to working out five days a week and it was incredible! And now, even though the fourteen weeks are over, I have stayed that active or more. I am more active than I’ve ever been and I’ve experienced a lot of new ways to workout (other than running, what I’ve been faithful to for over a decade) and its been AMAZING!! I don’t think I will ever go back to the activity level I had before January!

    I usually make a list like thirty things long, but this year I kept it simple. (though I have probably made a list every other week since then, haha. I am a list maker and a goal maker!) But its worked out well because all four things are going really well! (knock on wood :/)

    29 07 2010

    Love your list Echo. Believe it or not, my 2010 list was about half the length of my 2009 list. OCD? Anyway, this blog has changed the way I see the world. Every new experience or funny things the kids say or do has me crafting a message in my head. I look for details I wouldn’t have given a second thought or glance. I love that!

    2 08 2010

    I know exactly what you mean! When I started my blog, my perspective of the world changed in that way too! I think it is like how a photographer sees moments as pictures, an artist sees moments as a painting or a sketch, I started seeing all of my moments as blog posts! It actually started to drive me crazy for a little while and I had to pray for my thoughts to be more balanced because constantly writing posts in my head kept me from just living and enjoying the moments! But my thoughts have settled down since then. I still see experiences in ‘blog post form’ just not as constantly and overwhelmingly! 😉

    4 08 2010
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    5 09 2013

    Your New Year’s Resolutions are so good! My resolution for the past 5 years has been eat healthier. I should probably start on that….

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