My fascination with wanting to kick a pigeon

13 06 2010

I’ll get to the title in a moment.

First, I’m giving blogging a second chance, this time with WordPress.  I never really liked Blogger, which I tried a few years ago.  I am also planning on using WordPress in my Digital Media class, so I thought I’d try it out before I have my students set up their blogs in the fall.

Now on to the title:  To Kick a Pigeon.  This phrase came to me in a brief moment as I was walking through Central Park with my husband back in 1999.  It was my first trip to NYC, and I instantly fell in love with the city.  While meandering through the park trying to find the place where we could take a horse-drawn carriage ride, I saw a bunch of pigeons and instantly wondered, “Are they really as stupid as they look, so much that I could just walk up to one and kick it?”  Not drop-kick it or anything like that, more like just give it a gentle nudge with my foot.

I freely admit I know just about nothing regarding pigeons.  They may be the most intelligent bird on the planet, but I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t care.  I know many breeds have incredible homing skills.  I also know the mess they make and have been personally doo-doo’ed on by one in the past (on a walk through the Historic King William district in San Antonio.)  That’s the extent of my knowledge base on pigeons.  Oh, and they stink, especially en masse. 

For those of you who know me, I love animals and I do not condone animal cruelty in any manner, but the thought of whether or not I could kick a pigeon has plagued me for over a decade.

I think back to the many places I have had the privilege to visit over the years, and I always remember the specific locations where I’ve run into flocks of pigeons:

  • Central Park in New York City
  • Trafalgar Square in London
  • Charles Bridge in Prague
  • The Pantheon in Rome
  • Tiananmen Square in Beijing
  • The Opera House in Sydney
  • La Plaza de Armas in Lima

I always think the same thing:  “Who is watching me?  Would anyone care?  Would I get in trouble?  Could I kick one?”

Of course, I never will. 

At least a decade ago, I remember having a discussion with a friend about what titles we would choose should we ever write autobiographies for our lives.  (Side note:  I am in serious denial that I am old enough to refer to past events in my life as having occurred “decades” ago.)  Anyway, my title came to me instantly:  “To Kick a Pigeon and Life’s Other Regrets.”  Not that I regret much of anything in the life I have lived, it just seemed like a good title that might sell a few dozen books.

So then, this blog will bear that title and honor the memory of the autobiography I will never write.

Love and prayers,




12 responses

30 06 2010

I am so jealous! I hope someday I can list that many awesome places in which I have seen, but never kicked, a pigeon!! 🙂 Welcome to wordpress, neighbor! I hope you find the climate agreeable.

16 07 2010

Just had to let you know- you are not alone in your pigeon-kicking fantasies. Except where you have restrained your wandering foot, I have actually tried to kick them (and they are faster than they look!!) I too have a list of places where I have tried (and failed) to kick pigeons: Central Park, NY, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, London, Dublin, Paris, India, Toronto, Las Vegas, California, and probably many other local pigeon parks that I can’t remember. Love the title- and the post!

16 07 2010

Thanks! Someday *sigh* someday. . .

17 07 2010

Try St Mark’s Square in Venice. It is FULL of pigeons. I have often tried to kick them for no apparent reason, but they alwasy run away 😦 It is most depressing. However, I have creeped up on a few and made them jump about a foot in the air. It’s harder than it sounds.

17 07 2010

Venice is on my bucket list. Venice, and kicking a pigeon someday.

19 07 2010

It IS a poetic blog name. I thought it might mean that we often find ourselves so annoyed by pigeons that we want to hurt them or take out our anger on them, but that we must remind ourselves that they are more helpless than we are, or know less than we do, and that we have the ability to help them and “be the better person.” This fits with the Compassion stuff you’re writing about today.

Cool name 🙂

19 07 2010

Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed reading.

19 07 2010

You could also find dangerously large mobs of pigeons at Gateway of India, Mumbai (also known as Bombay).
Quite a different way of thinking. The nomenclature explanation is unorthodox, and I am guessing that’s what makes it click more. It is practically almost impossible to achieve the aforementioned feat (as most of you to comment above have tried it with all your heart – and foot – already…)
Reading the words “To Kick a Pigeon and Other Musings” brought me to your blog and while the page loaded I had already painted a “haywire” running around among the Pigeon-flocks swinging foot anywhere possible in the hope of kicking one of those…
Nevertheless, I am delighted to find out there is a sweet teacher. I like your blog and hope to keep reading more from you.
You may also want to read mine if you find time:

19 07 2010

Thanks for reading. I’m glad my title didn’t scare you away. India is on our short list of places to vist in the next few years, not so much to see the flocks of pigeons, but to visit another of our sponsored Compassion kids. Anyway, I hope you enjoy future blogs, and I look forward to checking yours out.

9 10 2011

Score for commenting on your first blog post!! But no, you can’t kick a pigeon according to this: but who knows how accurate that is. (p.s. you’re the first thing that comes up with you search to kick a pigeon.) That really would be a good title for an autobiography, I would so read it!

10 10 2011

I googled “to kick a pigeon” and you’re right! That’s pretty funny (and amazing to me.) I’ll send you a copy if I ever write an autobiography. 🙂

5 12 2013

Seeing that this is my last post, I thought I should look at your first 🙂 I do enjoy your idea for the name of your blog and it makes laugh! I will miss your class and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year!

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